Free Trial: Save up to 25% on auto repair and maintenance services with a subscription to Openbay+
No credit card required to join. Click here to learn more. Openbay+ FAQs can be found here.

Why Openbay?

Auto repair can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve built the world’s most trusted and transparent automotive services marketplace.

Lyft driver discounts

Save with special packages and discounted labor for Lyft drivers.

Keep expenses low

Lower maintenance spend means less overhead and more earnings.

You’re in control

See prices up front, choose your shop, and go when it’s convenient.

Quality service guaranteed

Every service is backed by the Openbay Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Special savings for Lyft drivers

When your car is your moneymaker, you need an easy and affordable way to keep it on the road.

Openbay makes maintenance and repair hassle-free. With special service discounts for Lyft drivers, you’ll always get quality auto repair for less.

While most vehicles are eligible, there are some exceptions. Click here to learn more.

How Openbay works

1. Request services

Tell us what services you need, or describe your symptoms. You’ll receive multiple estimates — usually within seconds.

2. Choose an auto shop

Compare options by distance, price and customer reviews. Save with special Lyft pricing on each service.

3. Book and pay online

Book an appointment that best fits your schedule, then pay securely online when service is complete.

Openbay vs. Openbay+

  Openbay Openbay+
Shop customer rating and reviews, amenities, business hours, certifications made available Yes Yes
1,000s of services to select from Yes Yes
Upfront pricing on automotive repair and maintenance services Yes Yes
Book service appointments online Yes Yes
List of local automotive service professionals near you Minimal Coverage High Coverage
Book service without a credit card No Yes
Discounts up to 25% on automotive services No Yes
Payment processing for service Pay online
(credit card required)
Pay at shop counter
(multiple payment methods accepted to include financing)

What Lyft drivers are saying

“Cory was amazing. The service was fast and easy. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating. He got me in and out, even though I stood him up for my 1st appointment (something came up). I’m definitely going back and will make him my mechanic going forward. Amazing service!!”

Lyft Driver + Openbay Customer

“Prompt and friendly service. Did a great job. I will definitely return when the next service is due on my vehicle.”

Lyft Driver + Openbay Customer

“Excellent service. “

Lyft Driver + Openbay Customer

Openbay+ FAQs

What is Openbay+ for Lyft drivers?

Openbay+ is a new premium subscription service giving Lyft drivers access to benefits such as preferred pricing on automotive service and repair – savings up to 25% on parts and labor.

Openbay+ also delivers upfront pricing and customer reviews from automotive service professionals nearby allowing you to book service for your car with confidence.

How does Openbay+ differ from the current Openbay-Lyft program in place now?

There are three significant differences between the new Openbay+ program and the current Openbay-Lyft program that is in place now.

  1. Openbay+ offers preferred pricing on all automotive services. Savings up to 25% on parts and labor. Discounts vary by automotive service professional. The current Openbay-Lyft program offers discounts on select number of common services only.
  2. Openbay+ does not require a credit card to book a service appointment. The Openbay-Lyft program requires a credit card to book service.
  3. Payment for all services booked through Openbay+ are processed at the automotive service center, not online. This allows you to take advantage of other payment methods the shop offers, such as financing, paying in cash, or using multiple payment methods combined. For the existing Openbay-Lyft program, payment is processed with your credit card on file with Openbay.

What can I do on Openbay+?

On Openbay+, you can get your vehicle serviced at a discount with a trustworthy automotive service professional. 

Openbay+ provides a convenient way to find and book service with a curated network of automotive service professionals nationwide. 

Getting matched with a service professional that can service your vehicle “Make” (Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Dodge, etc.) and perform the requested service is important. Openbay matches your year-make-model vehicle with a professional that can service your vehicle and perform the service you requested. 

For example – if you drive a Honda Accord and need a wheel alignment. Openbay will match you with a professionals that services Honda and has a wheel alignment machine available to perform the service. 

What subscription plans are available for Lyft drivers?

  • Free plan – Lyft drivers can find and book automotive service and repair on Openbay+. Free forever. Discounts are shown, but not processed with your booking. You can opt-in to the Paid plan at anytime.
  • Paid plan – Same experience as the Free plan with added value of discounts up to 25% on parts and labor. Subscription fees are paid monthly (3-month minimum). Discounts for annual subscriptions are available.

Lyft drivers are provided 3-months of FREE access to Openbay+ Paid plan on us. No credit card is required for signup.

Lyft drivers that sign up for Openbay+ Paid plan in the month of November 2022, receive an additional free month of access. No credit card is required for signup.

After the free trial of the Openbay+ paid plan, then $4.89 per month (Retail price: $9.99).

How is Openbay+ Paid Plan different from Openbay+ Free Plan?

The Openbay+ Paid plan includes all the benefits of the Openbay Free plan; both plans offer the same experience where a vehicle owner can enter a request for service; receive upfront pricing matched with local professionals that can deliver the service on the year-make-model vehicle connected to the service request; review ratings and reviews for each service professional presented; and book a service appointment with a professional that meets their needs. 

Openbay+ Paid plan offers preferred pricing for automotive repair and maintenance services whereas the Openbay+ Free plan offers competitive pricing or just under retail. 

Is Openbay+ an option for Lyft Drivers?

YeYes. Currently, any Lyft driver has the ability to Opt-in to the Openbay+ program.

Does Openbay offer a free trial for Lyft Drivers?

Yes. The Paid plan of Openbay+ is available for free for a 3-month period for Lyft drivers. No credit card required to sign up. You will enjoy and take advantage of the discounts Openbay+ off

How do I subscribe to Openbay+?

You can subscribe to Openbay+ directly from within your Openbay account.

As a Lyft driver, what ROI can I expect with the Openbay+ Paid plan?

Return on investment (ROI) for the Openbay+ plan varies by vehicle type, age of vehicle, total miles driven in a given year. Below are a few examples of savings.

Vehicle category: Small sedan. Vehicle age is beyond the manufacturers warranty period. Annual miles driven, 50,000. ROI = $400 (718%, low end of range). ROI = $1,100 (1,945%, high-end of range)*.

Vehicle category: Medium sedan. Vehicle age is beyond the manufacturers warranty period. Annual miles driven, 50,000. ROI = $532 (889%, low end of range). ROI = $1,330 (2,373%, high-end of range)*.

* ROI = (savings – cost of Openbay+ Paid plan) / cost of Openbay+ Paid plan. ROI calculation based on 11-month subscription. One month free with a paid annual subscription.

What forms of payment are accepted for the Openbay+ paid subscription?

Currently, Openbay accepts all major credit cards to purchase an Openbay+ subscription. 

How do I switch to a different Openbay+ plan?

You can switch to a different Openbay+ plan at any time by going to your user profile in your account. Select the plan you’d like to switch to and you will be immediately switched to the new plan.

As a Lyft driver, can I continue using the current Openbay-Lyft platform?

Access to the current Openbay-Lyft platform is tentatively scheduled to end Feb 28, 2023. Lyft driver accounts on Openbay will automatically default to the Openbay+ Free plan for those that have not subscribed to the Openbay+ Paid plan. Lyft drivers with an Openbay+ Free plan can continue to benefit from the convenience the Openbay+ platform delivers. No credit card required.

How do I cancel my Openbay+ account?

Send an email to [email protected] to cancel your account.